Senderismo con caballos fiordos

Actividad saludable surgida en Escandinavia derivada de la línea de reatas de caballos fiordos noruegos que transportaban materiales y víveres a zonas aisladas, por sus frondosos bosques.

Nuestras mochilas barefoot, botas de senderismo, comida y muchas ganas de disfrutar kilómetros en la Naturaleza, hacen de esta actividad con caballos, un auténtico placer.


A healthy activity that originated in Scandinavia, derived from the line of Norwegian fjord horse trails that transported materials and supplies to isolated areas, through their lush forests.

Our barefoot backpacks, hiking boots, food and a lot of desire to enjoy miles in nature, make this activity with horses, a real pleasure.


nuestros veterinarios son:

mochila para ruta baerffot.png

Carlos, Antonio y Miguel, especializados en la clínica equina y formados en universidades, hospitales y centros privados de varias zonas del mundo: Inglaterra, Irlanda, Bélgica, Australia, Sudáfrica, Argentina, EEUU.
​Carlos, Antonio and Miguel, specialised in equine clinics and trained in universities, hospitals and private centres in various parts of the world: England, Ireland, Belgium, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, USA.

Rutas Locales, desde 2010. 

caballo Boceto

Es importante saber...


Why saddles?

For those of us who think that horseback riding is as "connective" as walking foot to earth, "unarmored chairs" are an interesting bet. There are many and varied, increasingly perfected, and most adjust and balance the weight of the rider or rider. 

Many people are afraid to change an English chair, lighter or Spanish, which are like armchairs, for a chair without armor, believing that they are not stable. Nothing could be further from the truth, they neither slip nor slide.

They are saddles that adapt to each back of the horse, because if you do not have a saddlery that makes you a saddle specific to your horse, any other will surely end up damaging its back. 

Therefore, the option of "sadlees" is interesting, because they adapt themselves to your horse.  Now, you have to think about your horse. We propose you a saddle that incorporates the VPS system, abbreviation of "System of protection of vertebrae". The saddles that incorporate this system combine different materials that improve the distribution and cushioning of pressures on the back of the horse. All the materials are totally flexible, which allows the saddle to adapt perfectly and follow the movements of the horse's back and its variations in shape.


Why VPS ® ?

VPS design distributes the weight of the rider exactly where the horse's spine can carry the: between the cross and the 15th and 16th thoracic vertebrae. It eliminates pressure points, forms a neck that leaves the spine well clear Even when you do a trot the pressure is distributed evenly over the entire saddle.


This is important because the back of the horse needs to be "vertebraally relaxed". 

silla sadlees VPs.png

Modelo barefoot ATLANTA con VPS


Modelo barefoot ATLANTA con VPS

Silla Raid Lexhis Treeman.png

Silla Raid Lexhis Treeman

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MAL 2.png
BIEN 2.png

El caballo va  tensionado

El caballo va  relajado

El caballo va  relajado

El caballo va  relajado